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There are literally over millions of different sounds that are recognizable by the human ear. Our sense of hearing is one of the most important senses we have. It gives us a wonderful concept of the world around us. Whether it is calming nature sounds or the familiar crack of a baseball bat, the sounds we hear help to shape our environment. Additionally, sounds are a wonderful way to express art through performance, whether it be a live band or a stand up comedian. Good, quality sounds in movies and music make all the difference, because they help to sharpen our awareness.

Since the world is such a large place and sounds can come in a variety of different pitches and associations, heightening our reality of these sounds can help us to learn about new worlds and experiences. The natural world provides many beautiful sounds, such as birds, ocean waves, the roar of thunder, or a babbling brook, to name a few. Without the gift of hearing, we may not see the world as richly as we do. Some of the sounds heard every day can be found online, or purchased as a compilation on a compact disc. Others are right there waiting for us to realize and experience, free of charge. The beauty of sound makes us appreciate things in life we might otherwise overlook.

It’s important to acknowledge that sound plays a vital role in our lives. Encouraging our children to explore new worlds and new music through sound is a terrific way to open up their realm of knowledge, and to shape their imaginations. No matter what age you are, the sounds we hear are an integral part of our lives. If we take time to sit back and really listen, a whole new window of opportunities can be made available to us.

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